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Burga: fashion cases now available!

Posted on: 18-05-2021

We have exclusive distribution for the Benelux for these stylish yet protective cases. Burga is a distinctive brand of unique phone cases that keep the phone stylish and protected. Wide availability in models and a perfect finish make these the ultimate fashion cases for every range.

Meet Burga!
The Burga range consists of beautiful hardcover cases that are made up of two layers, so they offer the best quality protection. The cases are constructed from a soft, shock-absorbing TPU base frame over which a hard, high-glossy cover is clicked. Despite these two layers, the covers remain nice and slim and suitable for Qi wireless charging and NFC. Thanks to a unique printing process, the covers have a scratch-resistant, high-quality print that does not fade. Raised edges protect the display and camera lens.
In short: the Burga Tough Case is the perfect case that combines fashion and protection!


The Burga fashion cases are now available for many devices in our webshop!

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